The Project: Create an easy process for ordering build my own and specialty pizzas. Provide a way for returning users to quickly reorder an item. Find a store location. Provide a simple checkout flow for delivery or carryout. Also allow space for coupons for marketing.

Pizza Builder 1.0
Brainstorming sketches and wireframes for pizza builder. I needed a way to allow the users to add specific items to half of a pizza or whole, select the amount, and have the design be flexible enough to work for other Marco's menu offerings.
Menu item detail
1st Prototype
The pizza builder was introducing new functionality and needed to be tested on the device to get hands on user feedback. I created a prototype in Adobe Experience Design to help visualize the concept.
Pizza Builder 2.0
Feedback from users was mixed. They felt the pizza diagram was confusing and it was difficult to find the amount selection. They liked the simple layout and clean design. Taking the feedback I went to my sketchbook and came up with the following:

Adding extra or light topping amount sketch
Add an item to pizza and select topping quantity
Adding an item to the cart flow
Place order screen
Final Art : Pizza Builder
Ordering a half and half pizza
Final Art : Rewards Program
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